Beddy The Truck

My name is Beddy and I work for Bedfords Group in Leeds.

I am a truck who travels the country delivering goods, from newspapers and magazines to machines and building products, to different people.I am very careful in the way I drive around the roads of Britain and I often stop off at schools to teach children about road safety, especially around trucks. 

Beddy the truck and his cousin LinQy, are an initiative organised by Bedfords to educate young children between the ages of 5 and 7 on the importance of road safety.

Beddy has been asking Yorkshire drivers to think about their speed and stick to the speed limit and now LinQy has joined in the campaign for driver speed awareness.

Almost a quarter of drivers think it is acceptable to speed if they think the limit is too low. In areas where speed cameras have been installed there has been a reduction of 35% in the incidence of car accidents that cause death or personal injury. Speed cameras are not merely an annoyance - they are saving lives.

Last year there were 1,870 recorded fatalaties on UK roads. However, with the support of Yorkshire companies and their drivers, we hope to reduce this.

Please pledge your support for Beddy says, "Don't Speed!", LinQy says, "Please!", by following this link;

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